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Adopting an animal is a big commitment. Not only are you bringing home a new family member, you are also making a commitment to give that animal a good home for as long as it lives. We take the adoption process very seriously as we like every animal to not just go to a home, but it’s FOREVER home – one where it will remain part of the family as long as it lives.

Because it is our mission to help put an end to the pet overpopulation problem, ANY unfixed animal that leaves our shelter will require the payment for it’s spay/neuter to be prepaid as part of the adoption process. You are welcome to pick the veterinarian of your choice, but the surgery MUST be paid for before you are allowed to take an unaltered animal from the shelter. In some cases, we will even arrange for you to pick the animal up from the vet clinic after it’s surgery. All animals are required to be spayed or neutered and rabies vaccinated at the appropriate age. Pre-paid spay/neuter fee and rabies vaccination fee are required to be paid along with the adoption fee at the time of the adoption.

As part of the adoption fee, every dog (if age appropriate) is up to date on distemper vaccinations, bordetella, and worming and every cat is vaccinated for distemper, and dewormed whenever possible.

Adoption Fees:
Cat $80 | Kitten $100

Puppies $285 | Dogs 1-5 yrs $230 | Dogs 6+ $185

If you have any questions about a particular animal or adopting from us, please send us an email or call us at 715-537-9063.

Click below to see animals that are available for adoption or are strays looking for their family!

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